Wedding Cakes:

The sky is the limit when it comes to wedding cakes now! It should be a total reflection of the bride and her likes/hobbies/style, etc. Be creative, look at images and pick the border from one, the shape from another or draw your own!!!  Also think about doing different flavors of cake per tier, gives the guest much more to choose from. Think outside of the box! You will see the cake that actually is half grooms/half wedding! What a concept! Follow the arrow at the bottom for more simply elegant wedding cakes!

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ITEM 1a-1

Square Buttercream
with "Real" Red Roses


ITEM 1a-2

Where Dreams Come True
Charming Castle


ITEM 1a-3

Sparkle Elegance

ITEM 1a-4

Brown and White Scroll
with "Real" Roses


ITEM 1a-5

Half and Half
Wedding and Grooms cake


ITEM 1a-6

Detail of French Cream icing
with "Real" Fall Flowers

ITEM 1a-7



ITEM 1a-8

Teal Fondant
with Brown Scroll


ITEM 1a-9

French Cream icing
with "Real" Fall Flowers

ITEM 1a-10



ITEM 1a-11

Black and White Monogram


ITEM 1a-12


ITEM 1a-13

Style Sampler


ITEM 1a-14

Mini (cupcake size)


ITEM 1a-15

2 tier White

ITEM 1a-16

Gothic Cross


ITEM 1a-17

Character Wedding


ITEM 1a-18

White with
"Real" Colorful Flowers

ITEM 1a-19

Gothic Pink Monogram


ITEM 1a-20



ITEM 1a-21

India flare
with "Real" Gerber Daisies for POP

ITEM 1a-22

White Elegance


ITEM 1a-23

Vintage Rosettes/Quilted


ITEM 1a-24

Combed Wedding Cake

ITEM 1a-25

Coming Soon!


ITEM 1a-26

Coming Soon!


ITEM 1a-27

Coming Soon!